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I never knew a part of you you didn't set in ink.

I like to write, obviously. Don't you?

Fair warning: I don't often use my actual journal because I have a lot going on IRL. I do, however, like to comment in the communities that I get to be active in. For the moment, the only thing I really comment on is football and "thank you" comments on sharing communities. Oh, and Dragon Age all the time, at any hour. If you ask me a comment, I'll try to get back to you, but I can't promise it'll be expeditious. Tweet me if you need to ask me something and need a prompt response, I have my twitter set up for text alerts.

Friend me at will. I'll probably friend you back. :)
Here's my twitter.
My tumblr.
My DeviantArt, though it's just to save favourites.

For those in the Slash Sector:


I SHIP (♥)
+Myself/attractive people! All the time!
+Pirates/Ninjas (if only for the inevitable love-hate explosions of angst)
+Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton (no, but seriously ♥)

{ wear }


i'm in slytherin!

Stylesheet by refuted

CAPSLOCK, acts of piracy, assassins in media, batman, beckham's bitchface, brown eyes, dante's pixelated abs tbh, disney, dodging laserbeams, elizabeth taylor, fuuuuuuckbending, giving a flying fuck, hijinks, jazzhands, le parkour, lightning gave me superpowers, live long and prosper, love seizures, madcap adventures, mythology, not twilight, real madrid, sergio pony ramos, seriously fuck elves dude, slytherin, terry pratchett, the harry potter series, unicorns, video games, why's everyone like elves, writing, zombies,